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Free VPN

Simply hold $100 or more worth of VPN tokens and access VPN for Free


Liberate the world with Free Anonymous Web3 VPN


  • Free VPN access
  • Secure
  • Anonymous

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tokens charged for using VPN?

No, all you need to do is hold 100$ worth of VPN tokens or more in your wallet.

VPN token is not live yet, how to get Free VPN?

Join our Presale for $100 or more and you can use your VPN account for free. 

For Free VPN at token launch and beyond we require to hold $100 or more in your connected wallet.  

Where do I need to send my tokens?

Nowhere, simply hold VPN tokens in your own wallet. Your keys, your Crypto.

How can it be free, what is the catch?

VPNcrypto free userbase usage is paid for by the DAO controlled Treasury through the VPNcrypto Protocol. The protocol earns revenue by selling datacenter access to other VPN providers and Addons such as Dedicated IP and Anti Virus products.