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Web3 VPN
Free & Anonymous

The next-gen world’s first Web3 VPN Protocol, Connect reliably from anywhere, to anywhere.

Join our Presale and get free VPN access, by simply holding $100 or more worth of VPN tokens.
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VPN Users

VPNcrypto Holders




Web3 VPN

Holders get Free VPN access by having $100+ worth of VPNcrypto Tokens in your wallet.

The VPNcrypto protocol is unique in its ability to monetize the Server pool to both our users as also to any other VPN providers that route their traffic to save costs.

Staking tokens into the Server Pool will yield 100% of server revenue distributed proportionally. Furthermore the token and servers will be directly adopted by our 44,000+ customer base which will give it a solid starting foundation.


Web3 VPN Protocol

A new VPN protocol with revolutionary monetization capabilities, bringing the same quality as centralized players as Web3 VPN provider.

High Speed

Our VPN network is built for speed, powered by next-generation technology.



Hold $100 of our VPN token in your wallet and enjoy VPN access for free.



Military grade security, No Logs, No limits, No email, truly anonymous.




We have been in business for 3 years as a Web2 VPN provider, we proudly present our roadmap of our Web3 future:
  1. Step 1


    - Seed Round 10% TGE > 2 month cliff
    - Private Round 20% TGE  > 1 month cliff
    - KOL Round 50% TGE > 1 month cliff
    - Public Round 100% TGE

    No Team tokens for 12 months + 24 month linear vesting

  2. Step 2

    Free VPN access

    Get free VPN access while waiting for the token launch.

  3. Step 3

    Token Launch

    - Token Launch on Uniswap Decentralized Exchange
    - Team consists of former KuCoin employees, we will be focused to list on top Exchanges.
    - With $100 or more VPN tokens you will be able to continue using VPN for free after launch!

  1. 2019-2023


    In the last 3 years we have been investing heavily into our product development

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    • Windows app
    • Mac app
    • Lunix app
    • Android app
    • Iphone app
    • Android TV app

      VPN protocol developments:
    • Initial proof-of-concept (Python)
    • Draft: A Routing Layer on the Internet that Enforces Net-Neutrality
    • POC implementation of Routing Layer (GoLang)
    • Draft: A Proportional Share-based Value Transfer Protocol for Distributed Systems
    • POC implementation of Value Transfer Protocol
    • Local TestNet, integration tests, unit tests
    • CI/CD infrastructure, cryptographic signing and checksum hash
    • MVP client, relay, contract, directory, auth, ps examples
    • Software and protocol semantic versioning
    • Contract and Auth double-entry accounting ledgers
    • Live TestNet (private-invite)
    • Relay inline upgrades (manual and unattended)
    • Client multiplexing circuit connections via HTTP/2 transport
    • Client UDP and TUN device support (Linux)
    • Client inline upgrades (manual)
    • Split monolithic source code repository, release under open source license
    • API Consumer-Provider semantic versioning
    • Pilot site for real-world testing and feedback
    • Client UDP and TUN device support (MacOS)
    • Native Windows client support (SOCKSv5)
    • Relay network usage metrics and configurable data cap
    • Client re-architecture (forwarders, controller, REST API)
    • Publicly available network
  2. Q1 2024

    Amsterdam Update

    We will focus on getting our apps ready becoming Web3

    - Upgrade UX design
    - Upgrade existing VPN apps to VPNcrypto protocol

  3. Q2 2024

    Berlin Update

    We will focus on launching the Account system and ensure evreything is launch ready

    - Web3 account system
    - Fiat on-ramp
    - Affiliate partner web portal

  4. Q3 2024

    Chicago Update

    We will focus on expanding the product line with useful addons to make more revenue

    - Google Chrome App extension
    - Shopify integration
    - Magento integration
    - Opencart integration
    - Woocommerce integration

  5. Q4 2024

    Bangkok Update

    We will focus on expanding the product line with useful addons to make more revenue

    - Drupal commerce integration
    - Dedicated IP
    - Business VPN


Used By:

Our Web3 VPN is used by both professionals as consumers
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Circle USDC
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Tether USDT
Bybit exchange
Bybit Exchange
gate io
Gate Exchange


Save money on VPN

Get the same quality VPN by simply holding tokens which you can sell again at any time you want.

$ 102




  • 1 Year plan
  • After 1 year: $159

$ 0


The worlds first Web3 VPN provider


  • Free
  • After 1 year: Free
  • Hold $100 VPN tokens

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  • 1 Year plan
  • After 1 year: $176